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Feeling overwhelmed by life pressures

Life stress can often be managed, but sometimes one can be overwhelmed and experience mental anguish at a very high level.

This is often dependent on the importance of the stress point to the individual. When there is too much distress, it can feel like you are unable to control your emotions, your mood can swing alarmingly, and you can find yourself engaging in unhelpful behaviours in order to feel better.

Psychological or psychiatric support can provide you with a set of skills to manage your problems, giving you a sense of control and safety over your emotional wellbeing.


We have an expert team of Consultant Psychiatrists, and Clinical Psychologists who are well versed in helping manage challenges with feeling overwhelmed, or burnt out.

DrKatie Au

DrIlaria Bonoldi

DrRuth Cairns

DrRobert Harland

DrSoumitra Burman-Roy

DrRoger Howells

DrMuj Husain

DrNikola Kern

DrIsabel McMullen

ProfessorEleni Palazidou

DrChun Chiang Sin Fai Lam

DrAlessia Spennati

DrCatherine Wilson

DrLouisa Codjoe

DrRosanna Michalczuk

DrMaria Jalmbrant

DrAnastasios Argyropoulos

DrSharon Chambers

DrRuth Ann Harpur

DrOmara Naseem

DrDimitri Spiliotis

DrSajdah Zaman

DrJennifer O'Connell

DrMarilia Calcia

DrMatthew Green

DrFlorian Ruths

DrAndrew Camden

DrVeronica Ranieri

MsIlse du Preez

DrBeate Haege

DrJemma Day

DrDaniel Meek

Contact and Appointments

If you are seeking an appointment with a psychiatrist, you should discuss this first with your GP to obtain a referral. Referrals are also accepted from clinical psychologists and counsellors.

Once you have your referral, please do contact us via our Enquiry Form and one of our team will be in touch without delay.

Overseas referrals are warmly welcomed. We do also see individuals without a family doctor (GP), and we can help you find a private or NHS family doctor.