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A private London clinic integrating psychiatry and psychology

For Health Professionals

The emphasis of the approach we take is to provide a convenient, comfortable and friendly service using mainstream evidence-based psychiatric and psychological methods. We place equal emphasis on psychological and pharmacological approaches, discussing findings and options with the patient before recommending a course of treatment.

For General Practitioners

Close liaison with primary care physicians is an important aspect of patient management. We write regularly with clinical updates, and where appropriate liaise by phone. Dr Howells and colleagues are almost always available to discuss a case on the telephone and where possible are pleased to give advice.

Urgent referrals can generally be seen. We routinely offer early morning and evening appointments, and try to accommodate patients particular needs, for example providing a series of appointments in a week if a patient is coming from abroad or make other arrangements to make the service more helpful.

It should be noted that unfortunately we do not have wheelchair access and there is a short flight of steps to the clinic entrance.

The range of conditions treated includes the bulk of adult and old age psychiatry. We are not specialists in eating disorders. We assess and treat adult ADHD and ADD, as well as autistic spectrum disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Please email or see here for more detailed information on what we can treat.

We are pleased to accept referrals direct to our clinical psychologists, and are happy for family doctors to use this service as their own.

For Consultant Psychiatrists

Forensic psychiatry
Our forensic psychiatrists are able to provide support and advice to general psychiatrists who have patients with complex issues or risk issues. Please contact us for more information.

Other sub-specialisms of psychiatry
We are able to provide sub-specialist assessment and treatment for patients with neurodevelopmental disorders such as ASD and ADHD, psychopharmacological issues, women's and perinatal issues, psychosocial issues, complex traumatic stress issues, alcohol and drug dependence, resistant depression, old-age psychiatry and capacity, and early onset psychotic disorders.

Psychology treatments
We provide general psychiatrists with full access to our extensive psychological treatment service for the treatment of their patients.

Psychological treatment is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and its modern derivatives such as schema-focused CBT, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness-based CBT (MBCBT), but which extends to Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and many other therapies, including an integrated or “integrative” therapeutic approach using elements from different therapeutic schools.

We are able to provide couple therapy and psychological treatments for adult patients with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and psychological interventions for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Among other sub-specialist areas of psychological practice are ADOS assessments for adult ASD presentations, sexual disorders management, prodromal psychosis evaluation and management, a traumatic stress service, and specialist medium-term treatment for personality disorders using therapies such as DBT and schema focused CBT / schema therapy.

For Counsellors and Therapists, including university Health Departments

We are able to provide psychiatric assistance to counselors and therapists who may have patients requiring psychiatric review because of physical health issues, risk issues, a need for psychiatric medication review, or for other reasons such as review of a client who is failing to respond to therapy or for the specialist assessment of a particular clinical problem such as inattention or prodromal psychosis.

We have very extensive expertise in assessing and treating students in UK universities, as well as foreign students engaged in Study Abroad programs. Common reasons for referral include continuing treatment initiated abroad, risk assessment and management, new stress arising from moving to London and the management of attentional and organizational problems, for example where ADHD is suspected. Sometimes it may be simply continuing prescribing.

For Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and Psychology Practices

We welcome the opportunity to make links with individual psychologists in private practice as well as with psychology practices - both to increase the range of expertise available to our patients but also to enable easy geographical or temporal access.

We are able to offer open access to our talented group of consultant psychiatrists for co-working in common areas of practice (risk, medication, addictions, differential diagnosis, etc) and in more complex areas such as forensic psychiatry, stalking, ADHD, prodromal psychosis, resistant depression, psychopharmacology, ASD and neurodevelopmental assessment, etc.

We are passionate about good communication within and outside the clinic.

For Occupational Physicians and Occupational Health Providers

We are able to provide specialist psychiatric and psychological input for individuals requiring occupational assessment or rehabilitation.

This includes diagnostic assessment, advice on medication, and packages of psychological assessment and treatment.

We are able to advise on occupational adjustments, group and team issues, return-to-work issues, and more.