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A private London clinic integrating psychiatry and psychology

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The Sloane Court Clinic staff comprises leading consultant psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists, supported by a dedicated administration team of eight.

We are always interested in speaking with talented and experienced clinicians who are looking to either grow or start their private practice and feel that the Sloane Court Clinic, with its focus on clinical excellence, would be a fitting partner.

About the Sloane Court Clinic

The Sloane Court Clinic is led by Dr Roger Howells, and is a centre of excellence in private psychiatry and psychology in London.

The clinical team comprises highly experienced psychologists and consultant psychiatrists, all of whom currently work or have worked in specialist NHS units for mental health.

We provide psychiatric assessments, psychological treatment and counselling for problems ranging from the everyday to the most complex mental health issues.

The clinic treats adults over 18 years.

Why join The Sloane Court Clinic?

Centre of excellence in private psychiatry and psychology to lean on. You will join a team of talented psychologists and psychiatrists from SLaM and IOPPN; academics, lecturers, authors, and broadcasters. Multidisciplinary approach with strong collegiate psychiatric environment. You will be greatly supported by the other members of your team, who are expertly trained to assist with anything you may need.

Access to an active referral stream of patients. We actively engage with a range of national and international networks (universities, corporates, charities, lawyers, GPs) as well as digital marketing, bringing in over 200 new patient enquiries per month.

Practice anytime, anywhere. We do not impose strict schedules in our group and there are no minimum practice hours or penalties for leave. Choose to see your patients at our modern consulting rooms in Chelsea (stocked with unlimited coffee and snacks), or from anywhere you like on our video conferencing software.

Seamless practice management systems. You will be able to manage your diary, conduct your video appointments, issue prescriptions, check patient notes, and collaborate with other clinicians through our fully encrypted cloud-based systems. We have also pioneered digital systems for OH, CQC, prescribing, encryption, internal communication, leave and leave cover, and much more. Behind this lie important insurances and governance systems, and we have a close working relationship with our CQC inspector.

Expert admin support and specialist clinical advice supporting our high calibre group of clinicians, so you can focus on what you do best. You will have access to a support team to help with administrative tasks like patient engagement, typing letters, and prescriptions. You will also have on-call IT support.

Mentorship and professional development. You will benefit from internal webinars offered on a range of topics, including those delivered by clinicians running national services.

At present, we are interested to speak to new clinicians in the following specialisms for our future development plans;


  • Sleep
  • Adult ADHD (diagnosis and management)
  • Trauma


  • General Adult Psychology, including third-wave CBT training
  • Men's Health
  • Sleep
  • Adult ASD
  • Adult ADHD

We would also been keen to speak with clinicians who have a strong practice in;

  • EMDR
  • Schema Therapy

We are most keen to speak with Senior Psychologists who wish to engage in at least one day of private practice per week.

If your specialism is not listed above, but you feel an introductory conversation would be of value, please do get in touch with our team on office@sloanecourtclinic.com

Please note: at present we are working in a hybrid model, and are able to facilitate both face to face and remote working.