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Safely Stopping Medication

Are you considering coming off your medication? For many, there comes a time when we consider coming off our mental health medication. This can be for a number of reasons but is usually linked to feeling well enough to stop, the side effects outweighing the benefits, finding other treatments that are helpful, or just not liking the idea of being on medication long-term.

For anyone considering stopping medication, it is important to do this with support - firstly from your doctor who prescribed them, and secondly from clinical professionals. For lots of people, coming off medication can make them feel nervous, or anxious. It is also important to taper (come off slowly) to minimise unpleasant side effects or any risk of relapse. Having a clinical professional guide you on this journey can be a huge help.

We have an expert team of Consultant Psychiatrists who are well-versed in helping people come off their medication if the time is right.


We have an expert team of Consultant Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychotherapists who are well versed in helping stopping medication.

DrAlessia Spennati

DrIlaria Bonoldi

DrIsabel McMullen

DrMarilia Calcia

DrMatthew Green

DrRobert Harland

DrRoger Howells

DrRuth Cairns

DrSoumitra Burman-Roy

ProfessorEleni Palazidou