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Intimate relationship problems

Sexual health and relationships are important aspects of emotional well-being, and life satisfaction. We know how distressing it can be when there are problems in these areas of your life. The Sloane Court Clinic has psychologists with extensive experience and skills to help people address a range of sexual health issues and problems, and our overall aim is to promote sexual and emotional well-being.

Sexual problems are extremely common in society; for example, some surveys have reported that over 50% of men report problems with erections at some point in their life, and 40% of women report dissatisfaction with orgasm. We realize it can feel embarrassing to seek help for sexual health issues. There are effective and evidence-based ways of helping people overcome sexual difficulties.

Impotence, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, delayed ejaculation, vaginismus, sexual addiction, sexual compulsiveness, victims of sexual abuse, social anxiety, living with HIV, emotional dysregulation, sexual desire disorders, behaviour requiring risk assessment, sexual aversion disorder, jealousy (including morbid jealousy), adjustment to sexual orientation and marital or relationship difficulties are all challenges that we commonly manage. Presently we are not able to prescribe medication such as Viagra for impotence.

The clinic is able to assess and treat sexual health problems causing distress to the individual or in relationships. These include issues to do with sexual performance, issues in relationships, issues to do with sexual trauma, issues to do with living with HIV, and issues around sexuality. Whatever your sexuality, or if unsure about your sexuality, it is important that you feel understood and comfortable talking to professionals. Our approach will be affirming and respecting. The psychologists at the clinic have extensive experience of working with sexual minorities in NHS settings concerning a wide range of issues and concerns.

We provide psychiatric and psychological assessment and diagnosis, medication review and adjustment, assessment and formulation of problem behaviour and risk assessment, psychological therapy (cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), sex therapy, cognitive analytic therapy, schema-focused cognitive therapy, behavioural therapy, anger management, treatment and advice to partners and couples, marital therapy, HIV counselling and psychotherapy.