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Online Therapy

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Whatever it will finally be called, we offer remote consultations with our team of highly experienced consultant psychiatrists and clinical psychologists at the Sloane Court Clinic. We are available to see current patients, but also to do first assessments of new patients online or if you prefer by telephone.

There is growing evidence* that this approach can be a highly effective alternative to face-to-face treatment, and it provides a useful means to connect with new and current patients across greater distances.

Currently, we are only able to provide this service to people in the UK.

If you are having psychological difficulties and would like to speak to one of our clinicians call our reception directly from 9.00am to 19.00pm, Monday to Friday, email us, or fill out the form here, and we will get in touch with you.

We have found that people have different preferences, but these are the platforms we are using – telephone, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Teams and Zoom, but we will be happy to consider others.

For your assistance if you are using these platforms for the first time:-

How to use FaceTime

How to use Zoom (we also liked this)

How to use Skype

How to use WhatsApp

How to use Microsoft Teams

*Published studies

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