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Feeling different after a brain injury

Brain injuries of different types can affect your emotional health, either as a result of damage to the brain or through psychological mechanisms as one adjusts. This field is called neuropsychiatry, and we have specialist neuropsychiatrists that can help you understand the problem and get treatment for it.

Our brain injury clinic is headed by Dr Simon Fleminger, a consultant neuropsychiatrist with 34 years of experience as a psychiatrist, 25 at consultant level.


We have an expert team of Consultant Psychiatrists who are well versed in helping manage challenges experienced following a brain injury.

DrSimon Fleminger

DrRuth Cairns

DrRobert Harland

DrRoger Howells

DrAndrew Johns

Contact and Appointments

If you are seeking an appointment with a psychiatrist, you should discuss this first with your GP to obtain a referral. Referrals are also accepted from clinical psychologists and counsellors.

Once you have your referral, please do contact us via our Enquiry Form and one of our team will be in touch without delay.

Overseas referrals are warmly welcomed. We do also see individuals without a family doctor (GP), and we can help you find a private or NHS family doctor.