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Am I autistic or do I have ADHD?

If you are worried that you may be autistic or have ADHD, the clinic offers a comprehensive diagnostic service and offers treatment for inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity as well as problems with organisation and planning where there is significant functional impairment.

In adults these symptoms frequently overlap with other disorders including anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self esteem, relationship difficulties, substance misuse, bipolar disorder and personality or behavioural disorders; these can be evaluated if present. Educational and/or occupational problems are common. We also offer consultation and psycho-education about the diagnosis for the individual and/or their family and combined medical and psychological treatment of primary and secondary symptoms as recommended in the NICE guidelines.

You can read more on our Specialist Clinic page for Adult ADHD.


The ADHD Clinic is led by Dr Burman-Roy, consultant psychiatrist, in conjunction with Dr Maria Jalmbrant, clinical psychologist. The operations team are all trained in working with a neurodivergent population and provide a safe and supportive channel of communication on behalf of the clinic.

DrSoumitra Burman-Roy

DrMaria Jalmbrant

DrMarilia Calcia

Contact and Appointments

If you are seeking an appointment with a psychiatrist, you should discuss this first with your GP to obtain a referral. Referrals are also accepted from clinical psychologists and counsellors.

Once you have your referral, please do contact us via our Enquiry Form and one of our team will be in touch without delay.

Overseas referrals are warmly welcomed. We do also see individuals without a family doctor (GP), and we can help you find a private or NHS family doctor.