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For Lawyers

Dr Howells and colleagues have extensive experience in providing medico-legal opinions in cases of personal injury, family law, employment tribunal/disability, clinical negligence, immigration and certain criminal and forensic legal areas.


Expert psychiatric reports

Personal Injury cases

Family cases

Employment tribunal/disability cases

Clinical negligence cases

Immigration cases

Criminal and forensic cases

Mental capacity cases

The Sloane Court Clinic is able to evaluate the issue of adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) for court and legal proceedings of a criminal or civil / employment nature. Also in relation to sports and doping.

See below for a list of doctors, and the full range of medico-legal specialties housed at Sloane Court Clinic

For more information on how the team at Sloane Court Clinic can help you with medico-legal matters, or to find out more about the range of psychological and psychiatric conditions that the clinic can provide court-directed treatment for, please get in touch today with our legal office.

Medico-legal Doctors at Sloane Court Clinic

Dr Roger Howells

Dr Robert Harland

Dr Shubulade Smith

Dr Catherine Wilson (specialist psychiatrist in perinatal disorders)

Dr Simon Fleminger (neuropsychiatrist)

Dr Andrew Johns (forensic psychiatrist)

Professor Eleni Palazidou

Dr Soumitra Burman-Roy

Dr Maria Jalmbrant (clinical psychologist)

Medico-legal Psychiatrists

Sloane Court Clinic is home to consultant psychiatrists who are experts at providing psychiatric medico-legal reports, psychiatric assessments and psychiatric expert witness reports. Each of the doctors below are esteemed in their own right and have years of experience in providing medico-legal reports for a range of circumstances.

Medico-legal Clinical Psychologists

Sloane Court Clinic are able to provide medico-legal reports within the field of clinical psychology, providing documentation on mental, emotional and behavioural disorders in a range of different circumstances.

Medico-legal Clinical Neuropsychiatrists

Neuropsychiatrists are able to provide medico-legal documentation covering mental disorders attributable to diseases of the nervous system. Our neuropsychiatrist has many years of experience in providing neuropsychiatry medico-legal reports in areas ranging from civil litigation to personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

Medico-legal Perinatal Psychiatrists

Sloane Court Clinic is home to doctors specialising in perinatal psychiatry, and thus are able to provide medico-legal reports and treatment for a range of perinatal health conditions.

Medico-legal Psychology and Psychiatry Fees

Dr Howells and colleagues generally work within the new Legal Aid Authority (LAA) / Legal Services Commission (LSC) rates, where an instructed case is paid for by the LAA/LSC, otherwise the charges rates are as for their individually indicated charges found on the individual doctor’s pages.

Medico-legal Psychiatrists for Clinical Negligence

Sloane Court Clinic is home to psychiatrists who specialise in medicco-legal reports for clinical negligence.

Medico-legal Psychiatrists for Family Law

Dr Howells and colleagues have extensive experience of making assessments for the Family Courts – typically mental health and substance misuse assessments of parents, as opposed to parenting assessments.

Medico-legal Psychiatrists for Employment Tribunals

Sloane Court Clinic psychiatrists have extensive experience in providing reports and oral evidence for Employment matters.