A private London clinic integrating psychiatry and psychology

For Lawyers

Dr Howells and colleagues have extensive experience in providing medico-legal opinions in cases of personal injury, family law, employment tribunal/disability, clinical negligence, immigration and certain criminal and forensic legal areas.


Expert psychiatric reports

Personal Injury cases

Family cases

Employment tribunal/disability cases

Clinical negligence cases

Immigration cases

Criminal and forensic cases

Mental capacity cases

Dr Howells and colleagues work within the new Legal Aid Authority (LAA) / Legal Services Commission (LSC) rates, where an instructed case is paid for by the LAA/LSC, otherwise the charges rates are as for individual doctors' indicated charges (see below links).

The Sloane Court Clinic is able to provide court-directed treatment for a range of psychological and psychiatric conditions, some of which are listed in the Complex Cases / Forensic Psychiatry Clinic web page and in the Psychology section of the website.

The Sloane Court Clinic is able to evaluate the issue of adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) for court and legal proceedings of a criminal or civil / employment nature.

Instructions are received from both the claimant and defendant's solicitors in approximately equal numbers.

Our doctors are highly experienced in report writing, giving evidence and single joint expert procedures. They are also available to give evidence in court and have experience in doing so.

Doctors available to provide reports

Dr Soumitra Burman-Roy

Dr Simon Fleminger (specialist in Neuropsychiatry)

Dr Roger Howells

Dr Robert Harland

Dr Maria Jalmbrant (Clinical Psychologist)

Dr Andrew Johns

Professor Eleni Palazidou

Dr Shubulade Smith

Dr Catherine Wilson (specialist in Perinatal psychiatry)