The Sloane Court Clinic
11 Sloane Court West
London SW3 4TD

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Our opening times are:

  • Mon–Thu: 9am to 7pm
  • Friday: 9am to 6pm
  • Saturdays: Morning only.



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Conditions Treated

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The Sloane Court Clinic

Conditions Treated:

Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment

Individuals undergo an initial psychiatric assessment when they attend the clinic in which the history is taken of the problem in relation to their current life and commitments, as well as more developmentally to look at the context of the past.

Due emphasis is placed on excluding any physical contribution to the presentation and/or the presence of any aggravating factors such as the use of alcohol or substances. Where relevant the physical evaluation will include obtaining a set of screening blood tests to exclude a biochemical, endocrine or other disorder.

The presenting situation is formulated and discussed with the person. A frequent presentation is that in which a broadly emotionally healthy person gets overwhelmed by life pressures, with the presenting symptoms of anxiety, depressive mood change and/or emotionality – an essentially normal reaction to ongoing stress - what is called an Adjustment Disorder of which bereavement is a good example. A range of more complex psychiatric presentations are seen and managed at the clinic too. Advice is given on the range of treatments available and their pros and cons.

Ample time is made available for the discussion of the presenting symptoms and considerable emphasis is put on explaining the nature of the assessment and treatment process, whether purely psychiatric / pharmacological, or involving psychological treatment too. Ongoing treatment, monitoring and supervision are undertaken. An aspect of this, where relevant, is seeing the spouse, family or carer of the presenting individual.

Treatment is generally of the 'outpatient' type, though when necessary inpatient treatment can be arranged, as can treatment with non-statutory organizations like AA, or with other community-based statutory or non-statutory health organizations. We have very close working relationships with a large group of psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals working independently and also within the National Health Service and when necessary can refer individuals to such colleagues for specific treatments that we do not presently provide. Eating disorders is a current example.

Urgent appointments are generally available, and telephone access to staff can be arranged between appointments where this is needed. Generally face-to-face contact is found to be better in most circumstances.

Prescriptions can be arranged for our patients through the clinic or through an individual’s family doctor. Dr Howells and colleagues attend courses on up-to-date psychiatric prescribing and psychotherapies as part of their continuing professional development.