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Conditions Treated

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Conditions Treated:

Psychosis Assessment Clinic

The Sloane Court Clinic has psychiatrists with particular experience and expertise in the assessment (and treatment) of adult individuals who have newly developed or had long-standing psychotic symptoms.

Service Objective:

The clinic aims to assess and provide advice on the nature of psychotic symptoms, the differential diagnosis, what physical investigations are warranted to exclude a medical cause, and on the principles of management including how the community mental health team system works in the NHS, the nature of the Mental Health Act 1983, the nature of the Care Programme Approach, and what resources are available for Carers. Advice can be given on risk issues. The principles of medication management can be described, along with the potential side-effects of medication However, the clinic is advisory, and not able to institute or follow-up medication management.

Types of problem managed: 

Nature of psychotic symptoms | schizophrenias| schizoaffective disorder| delusional disorder | bipolar affective disorders | organic (physical) psychosis and schizophreniform psychosis | depressive psychosis | psychosis and parkinson’s disease | drug-induced psychosis | physical (medical) investigation of psychosis | Carer issues including burnout | engagement with the community mental health team (CMHT) | potential use of psychological treatment (CBT) for symptoms | management of medication | medication choice issues | management of side-effects | cross-tapering medication | medication non-compliance / adherence | rehabilitation issues | occupational or educational underachievement due to significant rehabilitation difficulties | behavioural problems associated with psychosis | Mental Health Act (1983) section issues | access to community, Internet and literature resources | co-morbid substance misuse.

The Psychosis Assessment Clinic services:

Assessment and diagnosis (including dual diagnosis) – a comprehensive assessment | advice / implementation of physical investigations | review of past management including Second Opinions and reports | guidance on medication selection, side-effects, and management including non-compliance | advice on behavioural adjustments | advice on psychological management methods eg for hallucinations / voices | assessment of risk behaviours | assessment of co morbid substance / drug misuse | advice to general consultants or GP’s on ongoing treatment | advice to spouses, parents and Carers | structured second opinions | advice on the Mental Health Act (1983) and its Sections | advice on rehabilitation | advice on resources – literature, Internet, and community.


The Psychosis Assessment Clinic is led by Dr Shubalade Smith and and Dr Robert Harland, consultant psychiatrists, in conjunction with other members of the clinical psychiatry, forensic clinical psychiatry, and clinical psychology teams. Dr Ilaria Bonoldi consultant psychiatrist, leads on the assessment and management of early onset / prodromal psychosis, and Dr Louisa Codjoe, clinical psychologist, on the psychological management of psychosis, working with other psychologists with specialist psychosis expertise.

Contact and Appointments:

Referrals may be made by general practitioners, consultant psychiatrists, by letter, e-mail, our Contact Form, or through the general Sloane Court Clinic phone numbers, requesting the “Psychosis Assessment Clinic”. The Clinic is presently held on a Thursday.
Patients are requested to seek referral through their GP, or consultant.