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Conditions Treated

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Conditions Treated:

Liaison Services

The Sloane Court Clinic has psychiatrists and clinical psychologists with particular expertise in the care of adult individuals who experience psychological difficulties as a result of physical illness or who experience physical symptoms as a manifestation of underlying psychological stress. Working in close liaison with consultant physicians and surgeons, we can support and treat such difficulties using an integrated approach. Close relationships with specialists in gastroenterology, cardiology, rheumatology, endocrinology, neurology, dermatology and surgery, amongst others, are well established at the Sloane Court Clinic.

Service Objectives:
Physical illness, such as cancer, neurological conditions or surgical procedures, can give rise to significant distress, which may progress to more serious psychological conditions, such as anxiety or depression. When patients are struggling to manage their medical or surgical condition, it is important that psychological distress is recognised and treated appropriately. This can aid recovery.

Alternatively, psychological distress may present with physical symptoms, such as palpitations, chest pain, seizures, sensory loss, dizziness, abdominal pain or change in bowel habit. Once organic causes have been excluded, it is important not to dismiss such symptoms, as they are often a manifestation of anxiety, stress, depression or somatisation disorder, which are eminently treatable.

We at the Sloane Court Clinic work closely with specialists and primary care physicians to assess and treat such conditions using a multidisciplinary approach. Regular liaison with specialists ensures treatment of both conditions is optimised. We offer combined medical and psychological interventions in line with NICE guidelines. Patients are seen quickly and treatment interventions are focused and usually short term. As an example of our liaison work, we regularly collaborate with Professor Ingvar Bjarnason, Consultant Gastroenterologist, in the management of individuals with irritable bowel syndrome and related conditions.

Types of problem managed: 
Adjustment reactions to the diagnosis of medical or surgical conditions | Anxiety and depression in the context of a chronic or debilitating physical conditions | Mental disorders closely linked to general medical conditions | Physical symptoms which are not fully explained by general medical conditions (Somatoform Disorders or Conversion Disorders)| acute sensory loss | chronic pain | Body Dysmorphic Disorder | Chronic Fatigue States / “ME” | Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) | psychological aspects of Migraine | psychological aspects of Chest pain

The Service:
Assessment and formulation – a comprehensive assessment is completed over one to two sessions by a consultant psychiatrist, resulting in a diagnostic formulation and an agreed care plan | rating scales and other assessments are completed if necessary | organic factors are assessed by review of medical history, blood tests or other investigations, in close consultation with the patient’s specialist physician or surgeon | patients are encouraged to be active participants in the assessment and treatment process

Treatment – combined management with consultant specialist | counselling and psycho-education, with advice on relaxation techniques, sleep hygiene and coping strategies | specific treatment techniques, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) | implementation and maintenance of medication, if required | treatment of co-morbid conditions | couple therapy | longer term, psychodynamic therapy, if indicated | advice to consultants or GP’s on ongoing management | second opinions | medico-legal work

The Liaison Service is led by Dr Ronan McIvor, consultant psychiatrist, and Dr Roger Howells, consultant psychiatrist, with the close involvement of psychiatrist and psychologist colleagues at the Sloane Court Clinic. Dr McIvor has a special interest in the interface between medicine and psychiatry. Dr Howells has considerable clinical experience in the psychological aspects of irritable bowel syndrome and migraine.

Contact and Appointments:
Referrals may be made by general practitioners, physicians, surgeons or consultant psychiatrists, by letter, email, our Contact Form, or through the general Sloane Court Clinic phone numbers, requesting the “Liaison Service”.

We welcome enquiries from specialists from all fields of medicine and surgery who are keen to develop working relationships with us.

Patients are requested to seek referral through their GP, or consultant.

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