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Dr Patricia Carlin

Dr Patricia Carlin

Dr. Patricia Carlin is a clinical psychologist with twelve years post-qualification experience in the assessment and treatment of psychiatric and psychological disorder.

Dr. Carlin was formerly a clinical psychologist at the Maudsley Hospital, where for six years she provided clinical psychology to inpatient and outpatient forensic and acute psychiatric services. During that time she also worked in the National Psychosis Unit at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. She then continued her inpatient work as Head of Therapies at the Churchill London Clinic, providing assessment and treatment to inpatients requiring acute and intensive psychiatric care, and subsequently as Lead Psychologist at Inmind Battersea Bridge House.

She provides teaching, training and supervision to junior psychiatrists and psychologists in clinical training at the Institute of Psychiatry and on other London training courses. She provides regular lectures and workshops at the Institute of Psychiatry. She is experienced in risk assessment and management and trains other professionals in risk assessment. Before entering clinical psychology she completed a research PhD; she is active in research and retains an academic attachment to the Institute of Psychiatry. She currently co-holds a Wellcome Trust grant for research in schizophrenia.

Dr Carlin is interested in the behaviour of organisations and groups of individuals. As a trained organisational consultant she is adept at helping groups, work teams and organisations to identify and shift the psychological and emotional blocks to communication and effective working. She is available to consult to teams and organisations by arrangement.

In working with individuals she is skilled in working with anxiety, depression, stress and trauma, and problems with emotion regulation and distress tolerance. She is experienced in applying psychological therapies in working with symptoms of major mental illness. She will draw on a range of therapeutic models, including cognitive, behavioural and psychodynamic, to suit the needs of the individual. She is a qualified EMDR practitioner. She is skilled in the management and treatment of symptoms and behaviours that cause not only distress to the individual, but that are potentially distressing, harmful or threatening to others (e.g. self-harm, anger, aggression). She is skilled in assessing complex problems and identifying the intervention of most help for the person.

Qualifications and Positions:


BSc (Hons)







University of Stirling

    1. BSc Psychology (Hons) 2:1 1991
    2. PhD 1996

Kings College London, Institute of Psychiatry

    1. DClinPsy 2001

Tavistock Institute/University of East London

    1. MA 2012

Research Training

  • Post doctoral researcher, University of Stirling 1996-1997
  • Honorary Tutor, Kings College London, Institute of Psychiatry 2001
  • Lead Researcher, Kings College London, Institute of Psychiatry 2006-2007
  • Co-holder of 3 year Wellcome Trust research grant 2009-2014

Clinical Psychologist Positions

  • Clinical Psychologist, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust 2001-2007
  • Lead Clinical Psychologist and Head of Therapies, Covenant Churchill London Clinic 2007-2010
  • Lead Clinical Psychologist, Inmind Battersea Bridge House 2010-
  • Clinical Psychologist, Sloane Court Clinic 2010-
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