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We have identified a selection of books which staff at The Sloane Court Clinic have reviewed and which you may find helpful.

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Conditions Treated

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Conditions Treated:

Adult Autistic Spectrum Disorders Clinic

At the Sloane Court Clinic we have a psychiatrist with specialist experience and expertise in the diagnosis and management of adult individuals with autistic spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s syndrome, High Functioning Autism and Childhood Autism.

Service Objective:

The clinic’s main aims are to provide expert authoritative diagnosis for individuals presenting with symptoms suggestive of autistic spectrum disorder such as communication difficulties, social awkwardness, problems keeping time, and problems with emotional control. Care is taken in differential diagnosis with conditions such as social phobia, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and personality difficulties. General advice can be given on management interventions.

Types of problem managed: 

Social awkwardness | communication difficulties | language and expression disorders | occupational or educational underachievement | behavioural problems due to autistic spectrum disorders | depressive mood change | anxiety | dyslexia and dyspraxia | issues to do with IQ and intellect | Carer concerns and advice.

The ASD Clinic services:

Assessment and diagnosis – a comprehensive assessment based on structured interviewing, rating scales, informant assessment | advice on psychological interventions | delineation of autistic spectrum disorders from other conditions | advice on the management of associated risk behaviour | treatment of co-existent conditions such as depression | advice to general consultants or GP’s regarding ongoing treatment of autistic spectrum disorder | advice to spouses, parents and carers | second opinions | advice on autistic spectrum disorder resources within the NHS and on-line | we undertake ADOS assessments using the ADOS 2 assessment test package.


The Adult Autistic Spectrum Disorder Clinic is led by Professor Marco Catani, consultant psychiatrist, and where appropriate management is provided in conjunction with other members of the clinical psychiatry and clinical psychology team.
Prof Catani is a specialist psychiatrist in Autistic Spectrum Disorders and related conditions and runs a national service for individuals with these conditions as part of his NHS work and leads a research team at the Institute of Psychiatry studying neurodevelopmental disorders including autistic spectrum disorders.

An example of his influential research on ASD is provided in the following article published in the Daily Mail on 29.01.16.

Contact and Appointments:

Referrals may be made by general practitioners, consultant psychiatrists, by letter, e-mail, our Contact Form, or through the general Sloane Court Clinic phones numbers, requesting the “Autistic Spectrum Clinic”. The Clinic is presently held on a Thursday.

Patients are requested to seek referral through their GP, or consultant, and should note this is a clinical service for individuals aged 18 or over.